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Singapore Research And Development- The Backbone Of The Country’s Economy


Research and development in Singapore play a major role in building the economy of the country. This allows you to be a part of the government’s engineering projects that have the state of the art technology. The singapore research and development enhances the competitiveness among the industries and it also helps in developing the capabilities of the future industries of the country.

The importance of research and development  

  • They encourage companies to take up new projects and introduce new products
  • It encourages the companies to stay ahead of their competitors
  • It helps the industries to survive on their own
  • The research and development is not performed for immediate profit but is done by keeping in mind the future profitability of the company
  • Industries spend millions of dollars in research and development to produce new products and stay ahead in the market

With no natural resources, the government of Singapore has successfully made it the research and development hub of the world. The government has taken singapore research and development very seriously and backs it as much as possible.

Everything about research and development Singapore 

Since its independence, the Singapore government has taken a keen interest in the research and development area. As the company was not rich in natural resources the only way was to develop the scientific area of the country and this had the research and development thrive in the country. The government’s investment in research and development has made it one of the strongest points in making Singapore a great country.

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