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Six Tips To Increase Efficiency When Working in Hybrid Model


Working in a hybrid model could be a pleasant experience for a lot of employees if their bosses know what they should do to keep their employees happy. Keeping employees happy should not be misinterpreted into babysitting them all the time, there are other better ways to do that. Apart from that, it is important that employers know about some of the most interesting methods by which they could increase the productivity manifolds at their organizations. Let us take a look at these tips which have proven to increase the overall efficiency of an organization.

  • Identify your workers’ preference – As an employer, it is important for you to know about the preference of your workers about where they would like to work. Since hybrid workforce model requires two teams, one to operate from the ground and the other to work from home, it is important to identify the needs and desires of a certain lot from your organization about where do they want to work from. Identifying this part will help in getting better efficiency from both the teams because they will be working from the places they wanted to work from.
  • Curbing Burnout – Burnouts have become an ugly part of the lives of people working from home as well as those who are working from offices. Spending long hours working on the same thing over and over again causes a lot of exhaustion which eventually results in burnouts. There is no way that only by looking at the faces of their employees an employer could tell whether any of them is facing a burnout. But if keen attention is paid to the working patterns, hours and outputs of certain individuals then burnout could be avoided. If an employee is suffering a burnout, you can try reducing the workload, getting them a therapy or talking to them would help a lot.
  • Elimination of favoritism – It is a common occurrence at many workplaces that the management is seen favoring those who are working in office just because they and their work is visible to them. This is an unfair practice which must be avoided at all cost because it is an act of injustice to those who are putting all they have got while working from home. The higher authorities must keep such practices away from the workplace to ensure a healthy work environment wherein both the teams have an equal chance to grow.
  • Lead by example – As an employer, it is expected from you that you will be setting some really good examples before your employees in order to encourage and motivate them to accomplish the seemingly impossible targets. All you need to do is to maintain a positive image and that can be done by being kind, courteous, helpful and grateful to your employees. If you act like a god, your organization will become a temple of doom. Therefore, quit the arrogant act and behave like a good leader, not a perfect boss.
  • Inclusion of technology – A common misconception about inclusion of new technologies at work among employees is that they are all meant to keep an eye on them by some way or the other. Clear the air about this when you bring in a new technology or software whose sole purpose is to increase the overall efficiency of the room. Also, if employees are not aware of how to use that technology to their benefit, educate them by conducting sessions. Doing this will not only help the employees to understand the technology better, it will also take the burden of explaining it to them by yourself off of your shoulders.
  • Be open to feedback – An important part of running an organization successfully is to know what everybody thinks about the various decisions which are going to affect the organizations in the long run. Introducing new policies and technologies at your organization is most certainly a good thing, but asking what your employees think about these is even better. Taking feedback from the employees of your organization gives them a feeling of inclusion. It makes them feel as if they matter to the organization and in its decision making process. By making your employees feel that way, you are boosting their morale and thereby increasing the efficiency of your organization.

If you follow the above-mentioned tips, you ensure your organization a great work environment which will keep your employees happy and therefore they will be at their productive best. These were some of the best tips which you could incorporate in a hybrid remote work model as well as in a normal working model to extract best inputs from your employees which will eventually yield amazing outputs. Therefore, you must apply these tips at least once as an experiment and see how it turns out.

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