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SMS Reminders: How They Can Keep Your Customers on Track


Today, customers have higher expectations than ever before. That means customer service must also be stronger if brands want to separate themselves from the competition. The evolution of the digital era has created new tools, techniques, and opportunities for companies that weren’t available in the past — and now, customers expect their favorite brands to use those tools to improve the level of customer service.

With customers demanding prompt service with a personal touch, SMS reminders have come to the forefront. Mitto, a leading provider of global communications, has conducted research that thoroughly shows how SMS campaigns and SMS gateways can help brands meet the expectations of their customers.

Customers Expect Their Favorite Brands To Use SMS Messaging

Research studies have consistently found that customers expect their brands to provide high levels of customer service. Now, an SMS API can play a vital role in that. In the past, some companies felt like SMS messaging was something reserved for family members, friends, and colleagues. They were wrong.

It’s become evident that SMS reminders can be incorporated as part of SMS campaigns to ensure customers have the information they need to stay on track. In addition to using an SMS gateway to communicate information about order statuses, shipping confirmations, and promotional deals, brands can use tools, such as those provided by Mitto, to furnish reminders about business appointments.

Businesses Must Value the Customer’s Time — and Their Own

Today, time is the most valuable resource of every business owner. Companies must make sure they use their time wisely, and that includes when they meet with customers. Now, with the proper SMS API, it’s possible for brands to use SMS messaging to send reminders to customers about appointments they have coming up.

When companies send out text message reminders to their customers about business appointments, they can reduce their no-show and cancellation rates. This means that more appointment slots can be filled, more customers will show up for their meetings, and businesses can reduce the amount of time they waste. This leads to higher conversion rates and more significant revenue growth.

In addition, sending text reminders using an SMS gateway will show customers that the company values their time. It’s easy for customers to get frustrated when they forget about an appointment they have and don’t show up for it. When businesses go out of their way to remind their customers about meetings they’ve set, patrons will know their time is valued, which can increase loyalty.

SMS Campaigns Can Address Major Pain Points

Even though the digital era has changed the way businesses interact with their customers, the core values are still the same. Customers get frustrated with long response times from their favorite brands. Now, thanks to the digital era, customers simply expect those responses to come more quickly. Furthermore, customers still get irked when they have inconsistent customer service. When they feel like the company doesn’t value them, they’re more likely to go somewhere else.

Platforms like Mitto use omnichannel messaging, including SMS campaigns, to address both of these issues. The vast majority of people have their phones in their pockets at all times. That’s what makes SMS reminders so valuable. When businesses use SMS messages to remind their customers about information related to appointments and orders, their response times improve. In addition, when companies consistently use an SMS gateway to communicate with their customers, they set the expectation that that will be a primary mode of communication. This makes the customer service team more consistent, rising to meet the expectations set by customers.

Businesses Must Use Advanced Tools To Maximize the Results of Their SMS Messages

Sending a text message to someone isn’t that challenging. But sending a lot of text messages to a lot of people with the personalized touch and accuracy that customers expect can pose a challenge. It’s critical for organizations to evaluate all of the options available and select the right one to meet not only their needs but also the needs of their customers.

Solutions like Mitto provide brands with the tools they need to maximize the performance of SMS messages. With an array of customization and automation tools, brands can send personalized SMS reminders to their clients, ensuring that as many people show up for their appointments on time as possible. This can keep customers happy while maximizing the company’s valuable time.

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