Basic SEO Tips For You To Use On Your Website


So, given the importance of organic traffic to the success of a business, you need to understand and apply optimization techniques. For that, we’ll show you some interesting tips.

  • Use Keywords In Page Titles

The page title is one of the main points for SEO. It does not necessarily refer to the content title or name of a product. It is the phrase that will appear in the search results. Searchers, in an attempt to identify the most relevant pages, scan by keyword. These words are terms used to find something.

For example, a person looking for a refrigerator can use the code: stainless steel refrigerator. It is a short, general term known as a head-tail. This type of keyword is highly sought after but also highly competitive.

However, a person can search with the term: two-door refrigerator 380 liters stainless steel. This is already a specific term, called long-tail or long tail. The potential customer of catapult revenue already has information about the product and is probably looking for the best offer. Demand is lower, but competitiveness is also reduced.

So, the tip for building a good title and be found by search engines is to use your market’s keywords. Keep in mind that Google displays the maximum character size is 63, and the first words gain more importance than the last ones.

  • Build A Friendly URL

The URL, which represents the page address, is another important factor in organic search ranking. When creating a virtual environment, make sure the addresses are friendly, containing the chosen keywords.

  • Make A Good Summary With The Meta Description

Let’s do a test. Open the Google window and type in any term you want to search for. Some options will appear. Which will you click on? Probably in the top positions, but what will you look for to identify the most relevant pages?

A meta description is that text that summarizes what the page will cover, appearing below the URL. This space should serve to attract the visitor, creating a content synthesis. Having a good meta description is essential for optimizing your SEO

To create a good meta description, remember that search engines have limits on the presented characters. So, create a text with up to 160 characters. Also, make an attractive production that arouses the user’s curiosity, inviting him to visit the page.

Goku Maik
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