Improving Home Security after a Burglary


A home is meant to be a homeowner’s safest space; one where they feel most comfortable and secure, especially when it comes to their life and valuables. However, this cannot be guaranteed in most cases. Burglaries are a common occurrence, and while they are more common in some places than others, most people have experienced them. This is something that can be extremely difficult to bounce back from, because it is not easy to feel secure in your own home once you have experienced a break-in.

When looking for ways to minimize this risk, one may consider a smart home; using a few smart gadgets and the best home and internet deals, you can make your home much safer. But what do you really need? The following is a checklist of everything you can do to make your home more secure after you have experienced a burglary. These measures are bound to make you feel much more secure in your own home.

How did the burglary occur?

In order to secure your home, you must understand how the security was initially breached. This is important because it will help you understand one of the weakest points in your home, from where outsiders may be able to have access to it.

Once you have located that weak point, make sure to prioritize it and strengthen it first. This will help you better understand your home and see it from the point of view of a burglar so that any other similar weak areas can also be tended to immediately. This could be a window, the garage, a vent or any other way to enter your home. Try to find any such entrances, especially if you have recently moved in and do not know the home well enough.

Improve Lighting

A well-lit home has many benefits, the most significant one being increased security. Once a home is properly illuminated, it will become much more difficult for any outsiders to break in. In order for lighting to be most effective, it must be implemented strategically. The entrances to your home must be clearly visible even from a distance, including areas such as the backyard. Having lights in places such as the garage, front porch and outside any windows can ensure that anyone attempting to sneak in will be immediately spotted, either by a person or a security camera installed in the near vicinity.

Security cameras

Speaking of cameras, there is no better way to make your home feel secure once again than by installing cameras in its most vulnerable corners. A smart security camera will allow you to access any parts of your home whether or not you are physically present there. You can keep an eye on any room, and be notified immediately of any suspicious activity taking place within or around your home.

Security cameras often come with night vision and motion sensors to ensure that no one will be able to get past them, no matter what time of the day it is. You will be connected to this gadget through an app on your smartphone, allowing for constant remote monitoring.

Remove obstructions

If you home is surrounded by a lot of trees, furniture or other hiding places, burglars may be able to sneak in with more ease. In order to make your home safer, these obstructions must be minimized. You must make sure that all areas around your home are clearly visible, either through cameras or simply by looking outside the window or peephole. This is especially important for homes with are not automated, since you cannot rely on gadgets like smart door locks to help protect your home. Clear out any plants that may be blocking windows, move the swing set to another corner of the backyard and relocate your seating area if need be.

Get a smart lock

For those who can afford smart gadgets, a smart lock may prove to be quite helpful. Through these locks, homeowners can have complete control over who has access to their homes. You can monitor the activity at your front door through your phone, without having to worry about even getting the door manually. All you have to do is provide visitors with a one-time access code so that they can enter your home; after this, the code is disabled, meaning that no one else can enter. This is the safest and only alternative to distributing keys amongst relatives and friends.

Check the doors and windows

As mentioned previously, the most vulnerable areas of your home must be checked regularly and secured. The doors and windows of your home could weaken over time, either by force or harsh weather conditions; regardless, enduring that these entrances are as secure as they can be may result in a much more secure home. If you must, replace the locks twice a year, and make sure the glass is clear for a better view of any outside activity.


A burglary can completely change your home life. One begins to feel less secure and constantly on guard, even within their own home. This may end up having a strong negative impact on one’s life, however, it does not have to be permanent. By taking a few precautions to prevent such a thing from recurring, you may be able to restore your home’s formal peace and live a healthier, more productive life at home once again.

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